1. Two Avenues

From the recording Two Avenues

Truth be told, the musical skeleton of this song was written 11 years ago. I always knew that this song had major potential. The song was called "Two Avenues" from the beginning. The lyrics came to me about 3 years ago. With said title, it had the essence and inspiration of Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" interlaced throughout the lyrics and, eventually, throughout the whole song.


(Music/lyrics by David Kav. Copyright 2008 David Kav Ltd. All rights reserved.)

Walking along the water
The fresh and flowing stream, mesmerizing me
I turn my head to the road now
Confusion setting in… decision is in my hands

Two avenues
Only one to be taken
I have to keep my common ground
Pray that I don’t slip along the way

A shining, silver road
The other one, dull with dirt laid in
One leads to bankruptcy and lies
The other one divine but I’m not sure I’m being blinded by the light


Won’t you come and find me
Where I’m walking down
Down this lonely road?
There is something about your smile now
Not sure what it is -
Frightens me - has me running back to where I began down the road


It doesn’t matter what you choose now
Just as long as you take one step with the other
Because standing here alone, not going anywhere
Is just as good as walking down that bad and wrong road