From the recording These Neon Lights


DAVID KAV: Acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, lead vocal.

These neon lights reflect the pain I have inside
Can't seem to describe it better in any other way
With this glass in my hand that's stained from the fingerprints
And the smell of you at night in bed

Never thought I'd stoop to this level of insecurity
Ooh, but we can not predict our fate

Especially when people like you come in and screw it all up for me
What was I expecting anyway?

Ooh, this riff that's going through my head - the same old song
'Cause there's really nothing creative about pain or the same old words that were given to me
From the night and the years before when I refuse to listen to you
As you were trying to tell me 'bout the danger that was coming ahead.

I guess it pays to listen

People would usually be upset at situations like this
But the only person I blame right now is myself
People warned me about you and what you used to do to them
But oh it was blind faith that kept me alive, and now, faith doesn't exist

I still, to this day, refuse to wipe off the dust of ignorance.

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for the vital lesson of the cruel and empty world
People don't know how lucky they are to learn their lesson the hard way
So, I'll leave it to memory
Oh, I'd think and hope you'd understand better than anybody else could

So, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Oh, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
You don't know how much respect I have for you
Neither do you care