1. Stalemate

From the recording Stalemate

This song was a lot of fun to write (musically.) I KNEW that this song had potential as well with the rhythm guitar when it came to me in 2004. When I first showed this song to friends, they immediately told me that this song was a "Track 4/Track 5" song. So, seemed to fit quite well in sequence on the album.

The lyrics were inspired by an older friend who was very dramatic and played the "pity game" constantly. It got old after a while. In hindsight, I realized that this song was also about a family member who does the same thing. So, this song had to be played.

Was told by a few people that this song has a Rusted Root sound/feel to it. I can totally hear it (which is funny, considering that I hadn't heard ANY of their music before writing this song.)



(Music/lyrics by David Kav)
Copyright 2008. David Kav Ltd. All rights reserved.

"Mr. Success,"
walking down the street
wondering why everyone he meets says, "do not come around."

Shuffling his feet,
he's making waves
but later on he'll notice he's not making any big sound.

Keep on lying to me
As long as you need to
Keep on lying to me
As long as it works for you

Coming around the corner
Squaring me down with that face full of dread
He has the gall to tell me eye to eye,
"shallow as it seems, you're my only friend."


Tell me, is it working for you?

Keep on lying to me
Do it now while these lies are free
Keep on lying to me
'Til you have to pay them with a mighty fee


Why the shock?
Why the angst?
Why the torture?
Why the pain?

You're the only one to blame for this mess and this game.

Keep on lying to me
'Til there's no one to sulk with you
Keep on lying to me
'Til the mirror faces you...