1. Rotterdam

From the recording Rotterdam


DAVID KAV: Acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums, lead vocal.

Here I go again...

Banging my head against the bar
or the bar that I raised...
I need a space to clear my head
If it wasn't for this noise that I'm faking in my ear

Smiting myself for the move I made
For the events that just passed
As I'm unraveling the thread
And I look at all the pieces just to see what I have known for a while:

You won't be mine
And the sickness of it all - I'll love you 'til the end of time
You won't be mine
My heart's sublime only for the laughs that you have planted before

And I can't be here and I won't pretend
Not to love you or to want to steal you from your friends
It's hard to see you and to smile and leave it at that
But I can not change the way you feel, and I can't bend

So, just take me away to Rotterdam

Take me away to Rotterdam

Funny I want to go where I have never been
But anywhere is better than here - better than this place
For the cards that I was playing with
Seem to have been dealt with everything but the Ace

Let me get it clear - let me get it straight
Seems I wasn't acting on my best behavior
For the debts that must be paid bring me more than my pain
But they say that life wouldn't be life if there was no gain

Not saying I want to give up now - but I'm out of ideas

Take me to Rotterdam, take me there as I am
Take me to Rotterdam, take me there as I am (please please please..oh baby)
Take me to Rotterdam, take me there as I am (oh anything, just)
Take me to Rotterdam, and I swear you'll never see me again (my baby doll, my baby doll)