1. Muse

From the recording Muse

Kyle Terry of Chicago Dance Crash wanted me to write a song for their "rock" show "The Standing Room" that was performed last year. He wanted something with movement, levels and depth - a song that can be performed with a ballet dancer, Laura Maceika.

This song took me completely by surprise. Theresa Carter of "The Local Tourist" (www.thelocaltourist.com) compared this tune to Ravel's Bolero. THAT was a HUGE compliment. Against Kyle's advice of waiting to release this song, I was too excited to wait to record this. The song originally had a band at the end of the tune in the live performance. However, was told that the song with a solo acoustic guitar has a spirit all of its own. This is the last song that I recorded for this album before we mixed it.


(Music/Lyrics by David Kav)
Copyright 2008. David Kav Ltd. All rights reserved.

Got your call on the wire
Ooh, babe, that’s all I need
And no, you don’t, you don’t know how much, girl
Just how your touch makes me bleed – take heed

Can I use you as my muse?
That’s all I ask for day to day.
No, this use won’t be abuse.
Just give me the hope I ask for, I pray.

And no, I don’t understand this feeling.
I know you’ve moved on, moved on since then
“Not right now” is what you said to appease me
But you leave me hanging on as to when
But that’s alright…I’ll keep hanging ‘til then


But I know, I know, that’s not the way
I know you have your man by your side, and I have my girl anyway
But, please don’t leave me this way
Without you, I don’t feel a thing

Can I use you as my muse?
That’s all I ask for day to day.
And no, this use won’t be abuse
Let’s just keep the feeling that I know we feel every single day

Please let me use you as my muse
And I’ll let you use me day to day
And no, this use won’t be abuse
Let’s keep this hope alive between us like I know we can day to day