1. Many Amends

From the recording Many Amends


DAVID KAV: Lead acoustic guitar, bass guitar, lead and backing vocals.
NIK WIELGUS: Rhythm acoustic guitar, drums.

On the way home, getting a bit louder now
Where do we go when it's not for sale?
I have never meant to hurt you

Or to leave you as fast as I did

What are we saying, "why did this happen now?
Just kicking in the dirt
All of these names and these feelings inside?"
As I hang my head in shame

They say careful what you wish when you're down at the wishing well
Who knew that you'd be one of the many amends that I'd have to make? Oh no

So, we've parted just a bit closer now
To the peace and soundness of mind
That I've never had in my life
I hope you feel the same way as I do

In the wake of the pouring rain
With the tears on your soaking face
Who knew that you'd be one
That I would stain to date?

In the wake of our mess, or the mess that I've made of this
There's no getting around the truth that it has to be "goodbye"


And I swear on my life and my soul that I wish nothing but the best for you
And I know we'll meet later on but it's goodbye for now, goodbye for now

Goodbye for now