From the recording Look Into My Eyes


DAVID KAV: Acoustic guitars, bass guitar, lead and backing vocals.

Tryin' to be one in a million when all I have are lies
Same chords, same progression...but only through different eyes

The reflection I see in you scares me to the point of feeling blue
All I see in your eyes are the me I see in you
Tell me - what do you find when you look into my eyes?
Am I just a boy that's running blind looking for the girl by his side
I'm not sure anymore

The first day I saw you, I didn't have a clue of what was in store for me and you
You weren't supposed to call me out on my pride -
I can't hide anymore.

I'd rather trust a man who doesn't shout just what he's found
So, why do I wanna sing our love to the clouds?
I know the effect it would bring amongst the negative, downtrodden people -
I don't expect them to understand

Why do we have to keep this to ourselves despite everybody else? (There's no one else.)

I know all we have is the here and now
I swear I get mixed up with the future somehow
The past always brings me down to the point I can't get myself off the ground
And I can't seem to stop this trembling for anything - so how do I feel so calm?

Pardon my rambling - it's been a long night
I had to get this off my chest - had to make it right.
Tryin' to be one in a million when all I have are lies...