From the recording I'm Still Falling


DAVID KAV: Harmonica, acoustic guitars, lead vocal.
NIK WIELGUS: Backing vocals, bass guitar, snare drum.

Walking in black robe
My aura fills the air
Now if I can only walk on water

Instead I'm filling in the cracks
Of this dirty, torn-up road
Mental cathedrals painting pictures in my mind

I've got the tools in hand
And a one-man marching band
To entertain and please the crowd in my head

I'm going to fix the world
And mend a broken heart
Pain is a void I need to fill and to remember

I need to replace

I need to forget

There is prison in the air
There are prisons everywhere
Or are they merely a prism
Magnifying my pain in a deranged view - a flaw-filled vain logic?

Suffering, little boy
I try to wipe his tears
But, his face is constantly wet
(A) forever flowing stream

I hold him in my arms
Just as I secure my grip around him
I find I'm hugging myself
And the tears, my tears, are falling on the ground

My tears are falling on the ground

My mission to fix the world
Is painful in my soul, the sole of my shoe
I'll keep walking
(To) see if I can meet myself - face to face - within the darkness

You need to climb down
Before you hurt your pride

I'm still falling
I'm still falling
But you're falling with me