1. False Door

From the recording False Door

The music came to me while I was in the studio. Laid it down right away to ensure that it was kept.

The lyrics came out while I was behind the mic. Didn't have anything written out at this point. Serendipity, huh? ;)

The story? A girl, a friend that I lost through obsession. Definitely burned bridges here. Longing for reconnection. If I had known better, would've kept a distance. But, that is the beauty of hindsight. Hence, the lyrics for this tune.



(Music/lyrics by David Kav. Copyright 2007. David Kav Ltd. All rights reserved.)

Knocking at your front door, I’m not sure anymore
Is there something real or was I thinking it all the way too much?
Did you happen to find me on the other side?

I know we had something once before, babe
And I think that we could find it once again
Let’s throw away the past
Or maybe not throw it away – just forgive for a while

Ooh, I know that there’s something in the air
Was it just something that I feel when touching your hair
in my arms?
Or was I imagining all along that I was in front of a false door?

‘Cause you know there’s no denying it
Ooh, we feel each other there again

Let’s try it once before, once again
All around - maybe if I feel that I can find my way
Will you help me to escape my embrace from the dark past that took us away?

Know there’s something in the air
Or was it just something I feel in your hair when I have you in my arms
Or am I imagining it all? Or am I in front of what was a false door?

Ooh, I know that there's something in the air
Or was it just something I feel when I touch your hair when I have you in my arms?
Or am I imagining it all? Imagine it all.

Ooh, anything’s better than what’s in the air
‘Cause I know it’s only in your hair in my mind
And I’ve got to turn away
‘Cause just standing here is killing me, standing in front of this false door