For those who might remember, I had a side project called KAVUS (which evolved from the conception of KAMPUS PROJECT.) Nik and I were collaborating and recording music on a 4-track recorder at the time. This was back in 2005.

Nik came up with a variation of the beginning riff. I took it and added a few notes to it. We played around with the chord structure and "Deep From Within" was born.

The lyrics stemmed from a relationship that I was in at the time which turned sour very quickly. Both of us were at fault. However, couldn't seem to ever mend fences. The story continues in "To Thine Own Self."

Jen Porter came into the studio originally for "Please Let Me Be." Knowing what a gem I had on my hands, I had to see what she could do vocally to this tune. You can hear the magic in her harmonies. Nik heard this tune and agreed in a heartbeat.



(Music by David Kav/Nik Wielgus.
Lyrics by David Kav)
Copyright 2008. David Kav Ltd. All rights reserved.

Engulfed in the flame
Tasting her name
The passion is searing us both – feel no shame
The bliss – it runs over everything

Summer – it ends
I try to pretend
Nothing is wrong and I try to defend
Her trust I betrayed by twisting the ends

Oooh, now it seems that the fire’s gone out
Oooh, now our bond is all riddled with doubt
Oooh, and it seems like there’s no way out
Out of the fire, iced all the desire…all deep from within


I try my damndest
to plead with her
Just for a moment of what used to be
A distance falls between us

It was just one night
With no embrace
Save a hug, if you will, and I still can’t erase it
So, why am I mixed up and tangled with disgrace?


Something beneath all this
Something I cannot erase
Something doesn’t feel quite right
All hope is gone. There’s no sleep, there’s no sleep in this house tonight


All from what needs to be resolved deep from within