This song is downright ... FUN! Loved recording the bass riff for this tune. The lyrics were just something that came out. Wanted them to flow along with the music.

I thought the song had enough merit and backbone with the bass, the harmonica, and the chorus. When Jen added her vocal harmonies, I KNEW that the song was "kick-ass!" (It has to be. The song does kick my ass every time I play it live. But, it's worth it. ;D)



(Music/lyrics by David Kav)
Copyright 2008. David Kav Ltd. All rights reserved.

Let me tell ya ‘bout the time I wrote this ditty
I was sitting right down in a case of self-pity
And I didn’t think I was ever coming out of it.

Shuffling down the street – people say “look at his feet
He’s not going to find someone to meet
He’s gonna be all the same.”

Didn’t think that she’d ever come by my side
Always dreaming of the times she’d be my bride
Didn’t seem that I would ever ever feel her

You can tell that I don’t have the words down yet
But all I want to do is get some lyrics and maybe
Some melody – so I can sing this chorus, babe:

She said, “Love,
It don’t come easy
And if you want to be with me, baby, boy, you’re in for a long ride.”
She said, “Love,
It don’t come easy
Maybe someday I can give you love, but now, baby, I’m just bone-dry.”

All I know is I saw her from time to time
I knew that I’d have to get her out of my mind
Or else, I was gonna go insane for sure

Then, one day, she came back around
Picked me up off the ground, took me from my frown
only thing she told me was “boy, you’ve got to get down.”



So I still don’t have her by my side
You may think I’m foolish – got too much pride
But, no matter what they tell me I swear I’m gonna try gonna gonna gonna try