LIVE FB show TONIGHT (Tues. Dec. 4 @ 7pm CST!) 


I’ve just decided (right now...) I’m doing a LIVE FB show (one least) for my friends and those who haven’t heard from me.  TONIGHT 7pm.  Be here!  Really hope to see you! (Or would Instagram be better?  Let me know. If you’re not following me there: @davidkavmusic

I’ve just decided (right now...)I’m doing a LIVE FB show (one least) for my friends and those who haven’t heard from me. TONIGHT 7pm. Be here!  Really hope to see you!(Or would Instagram be better?  Let me know. If you’re…

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Solo debut for RAGBRI this Wednesday in Newton, IA! 

Hello, my fellow music lover!

Where is this summer going?!?!?  It is flying on this end!  Just dropping you a quick line to say "hello!"

I have had the privilege to play for RAGBRI in the past with my former band, Classical Blast.  I am pleased to announce that I will be making my solo musical debut for RAGBRI this year in Newton, IA!  My friend, Patrick Evans-Winfield, has booked me for their RAGBRI event at the Hy-Vee Market & Grille in Newton.  ALWAYS a fun time over there!  I'll be playing non-stop…

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Playing at Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market AND Hy-Vee in Newton! 

Hello, you beautiful person, you!

Happy Friday to you!  So, just dropping a quick line to let you know about my upcoming shows.  One last minute - one not-so-last minute:


Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market
(in front of Fong's Pizza)
Showtime: 7am to Noon
I'll have my lovely wife, Amanda Winter, join me on vocals for a good number of songs!
Come on out - support your local businesses, get some fresh veggies and fruit, drinks, music and FUN!

Also, this coming Thursday, I've been…

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DES MOINES! Making my debut at Whiskey River (Ames) 

Hello, you musical family!

I am writing a quick note (man, time is flying, isn't it?)  Des Moines - I'm back in you for one night only THIS Tuesday at Whiskey River in Ames, IA (134 Main St.  Ames, IA 50010.)

I am excited to make my debut at Whiskey River (with MANY thanks to Tim Bryan!!! Playing your favorite tunes (both original and covers sweeping from the 70s to today) Come on out, have a drink, some food and good times with tunes! (May have a special guest or two doing cameos. Who? You'll have…

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Hitting Des Moines HARD with radio interviews, shows and more shows! 

Hi there hi there hi there!

So, it's been a FUN time with Classical Blast.  I tell you that they are now in good hands with their new front woman, Sophie Monroy.  I wish them all the best and will see them soon!

And now, the next chapter begins...

It begins with another appearance on the Morning Show with Jamie and Sarah this FRIDAY MORNING at 8am on Energy 106.7FM at 8am!  I'll be talking about the upcoming weekends shows, play a couple of tunes and have some fun fun fun!  You can join us at the link…

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LAST Classical Blast shows (for me,) a hint at the future of David Kav music.... 

Holy Lateness, Batman!!  YIKES!

So, umm, a LOT of changes are happening.  But, more on that later...

TONIGHT (Friday, April 13th:)

Pheasant Run Resort
4051 E Main St.
St. Charles, IL. 60174

TIME: 9:30pm to 12:30am

The quartet consists of:  Petar Kecenovici on Cello, Jimmy Chaos on Violin, their brand-new frontwoman Sophie Monroy on guitar and vocals and...yours truly as their Special Guest.


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Heading to WEST ILLINOIS with Classical Blast this weekend! 

What's up, beautiful?  

Yeah, you!

Don't look around!

Just dropping another line to let you know of the times of the shows that I'm bringing to Western Illinois via Classical Blast.  Yep - the St. Patrick's Day shows went over so well that Classical Blast is bringing their Celtic flavor and Irish tunes to Polo,IL. and to Savanna, IL. as well!  The FULL BAND will be there (save their new vocalist Sophie Monroy.  She WILL be back very soon... which is a good thing...since she won over A LOT of their…

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MANY shows (FINAL ones with Classical Blast PLUS Radio News!) 

Oh, hello again!

A little while since we last spoke.  Hope 2018 is bringing you glad tidings and news (despite all of the ickiness happening in the news.  Seriously - the younger generation gives me SO MUCH HOPE!  IF you're young and you're reading this, thank you for making a stand for what's right!  I'm with you!)

As I've stated before, my time with Classical Blast was (and is) short-lived!  I am happy to announce that Classical Blast has a new lead singer and guitarist:  Sophie Monroy!  I have heard…

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"What I Feel Inside" is now #1 on my Spotify page 

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you sir or madam (as the case may be.)

Just a very quick note to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  Because of YOU, my newest single "What I Feel Inside" has now made it to NUMBER ONE in my Popular list on my Spotify page in FIVE DAYS of its release!!!  I can not take any credit on this one at all (I can't click that many times by myself.  Haha.)  

In addition, I am up to 26 monthly listeners.  It may not be that big of a number.  However, it's the biggest number I have…

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Newest Single "What I Feel Inside" is out NOW plus...New LIVE SHOW with CLASSICAL BLAST! 

Hello again!

(We gotta stop meeting like this.  People are going to talk...)  :p

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw...LET 'EM!  :p

Sooooo...2018 is off to a good start in the music sense.  Yes yes yes.  

Proverbial drum roll, please...


"What I Feel Inside" - my newest single is out NOW on SPOTIFY!  (Should be on iTunes in a few days.  But .... YAY!)  Check it out check it out check it out:


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