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David Kav: Pics

I'm thinking!!! (Photo by Dina Darling)
Hello?  Anybody home, McFly?!?  (Photo by Dina Darling)
Gotcha!  (Photo by Dina Darling)
Now, look over there and pretend you're thinking about something really deep.  (Photo by Dina Darling)
"Oooh, the leaves are threatening to be more interesting than you!"
Ah...just a turn of the head, then..
Oooh, not enough shade then...(Yeah, that's all I got)
What?  Is that supposed to be DeNiro?  I really don't know.
Too cool....for himself (seriously?)
Very pensive...a-ha.  I get it..singer/songwriter..caricature...blahblahblah
Rock the casbah in a folk guitar way
shake out that hand from all of that (fill in your own joke here)
Used on MANY a flier....MANY a flier
I'm thinking "The Monkees" or "The Beatles: 1968-1971."  Or, something like that.  Well, I'd need three other "blokes" to make it anywhere close to accurate, but...
One angle of potential album cover for BYHTA (including Jen Porter)  Photo by Dina Darling.
The three incarnations of TOMMY at Jedlicka Performing Arts Center ( 4-year-old Tommy:  Sam Sugarman.  10-year-old Tommy:  Baylee Bossany.  Photo by Brittany Townsley