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David Kav: Tunes

Some Peace Of Mind (with Jen Porter)

(David Kav)
September 13, 2008
Music/lyrics by David Kav
Dave Schloss, the engineer, was the one who suggested the "bathroom acoustic" sounds. I dug it when I heard it.

This song was written back in 2004/2005. Came to life in the studio and with Jen's vox. I can definitely see a video to this song. Stay tuned. ;)

Thanks for reading. Peace, love and music, David Kav
(Music/lyrics by David Kav)
Copyright 2008. David Kav Ltd. All rights reserved.

It’s no surprise I sit here after the same ordeal – all the same lies and the pain
Wasn’t sure anymore if I had to go out the door – or to step the same steps again
The same thing, and the same thing, and the same thing…
Wanting different results – we’ve heard this song before , and I’m not sure
I think I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and trying this on my own

All I want is some peace of mind
Something I don’t have to work before
But that’s not peace of mind
It’s merely the back door

For years, I’ve been going around and around, around that same revolving door
I notice my friends all around me – had the same path and the same shoes from before
Then I looked up to the sky; Started to wonder why
Why nothing seemed to be going my way
Just maybe it was the people I was hanging with this time
Maybe that was what I needed to find in order to fly …I’m not sure…but I’ll say


I’ve step to something different this time – maybe it’s a different path, a different light
J: (Step to the light)
You say the rules that we choose – they don’t matter, don’t matter, baby
J: (Step to the light)
All I know is that the sun is shining now through the gray sky and the clouds
J: (Step to the light)
Maybe if I follow this new path I found, there could be some hope waiting down that line
J: (Step to the light)

All the same
Just a game
How do you play
If it’s not in vain?