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David Kav: Tunes

To Thine Own Self (with Jen Porter)

(David Kav)
September 13, 2008
Music/lyrics by David Kav
The music was written back in 2005...on my ex-girlfriend's stereo. Interesting how things come 'round full circle. Nothing more needs to be said (see story behind "Deep From Within.")

Again, Jen Porter did great work with harmonies...both lyrically and during the chorus. (If you listen closely, you can hear the "ooohs" underneath the piano and the guitar. Beautiful.)

(Music/lyrics by David Kav)
Copyright 2008. David Kav Ltd. All rights reserved.

So many times before – have we been holding it back
You and me, baby, and there never was slack
Why do you keep playing games with my heart?
Why do you keep playing games with my heart?

All the time I’ve seen you with your friends and your pride
Taking me along for the same old ride
Don’t you understand inspiration is dead?
I may have inspired you but I’m being killed by your thread

I’ve got to breathe in order to survive
We were wading in these murky waters but I can no longer hide
To thine own self, I’ve got to be true ‘cause there’s nothing left to lose
Maybe you’ve got nothing to win..but I have got to choose

Is it death or the way that we move?

You’ve said time and again that you would show me the score
Go on and save your face while I show myself the door
Why do you keep playing games in your head?
Why do you keep playing games in your head?

I’ve seen this coming one too many times before
Don’t ask me why I’ve stayed around - I knew it was the score
Maybe it was just foolish pride gone to waste
Or wishful thinking that has grown quickly to haste

Does it matter in the end? I don’t know
All I’ve got are these reasons and these cards to show, to show
To thine own self we’ve got to be true ‘cause there’s nothing more here to lose
I’d rather breathe this in and stumble along than not to lose

Maybe it’s losing to choose…

To thine own self be true
To thine own self be true

How can this work if you don’t know yourself?
How can this work when you won’t walk with me or anybody else?
Sorry babe, but I’ve got to fly
Gotta fly, gotta fly to stay true and high
There’s no substitute, babe, bye bye