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David Kav: Links

Classical Blast (my newest band/project!)
Been riding the Classical Blast train since October 2011. Been one of the best rides of my life. THREE albums (soon-to-be) under our belts. This band is a LOT of fun!
CD Baby link to buy "Better You Here Than Alone!"
Title says it all! You can buy my newest album "Better You Here Than Alone" here! (Also, I can NOT stress this enough: Reviews for my albums go a LONG way! Write them here as well! Thanks in advance! :D)
CD Baby link to buy "Look Into My Eyes"
You can find (and buy) a copy of my debut album "Look Into My Eyes" here (oh, and if you already have a copy, won't you please write a review for it on this page [and at iTunes as well?] Reviews go a LONG way. Thanks. :D)
David's Facebook Page
David's Facebook Music/"Fan" page!
Click here to become "my fan!" Make me feel like a rock only you can! :)
David's Twitter Page/Profile
This is my new "crack." Tweet me here. :)
iTunes Music Store link to "Better You Here Than Alone"
For all of you peeps who use iTunes for your music purchases, HAD to let you know that my album is available here (not to mention that I FINALLY figured out how to get the URL to said site. :O ;D)
Jen Porter
A really cool, wonderful, phenomenal, beautiful singer/songwriter (people, she seriously gives me chills EVERY time she sings. She can sing the telephone book. No lie!) Check her out here!