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David Kav: Checkpoint

Happy Holidays from David Kav - December 20, 2016

Seasons greetings, music lover and tribal member!

A LOT of changes have happened for me this past year.  (That's stating the obvious - I know.)  I have had people reach out to me about my music.  I can assure you - even though my path may have changed, my music is just beginning with the next chapter set to unfold in (hopefully) early 2017.  As I told a former band member last night via Facebook:  "It's cooking."  

Honestly, I can not tell you how grateful, thankful and hopeful I am for you.  Yes, you!  You - the one who is reading this right now.  You - the one who has listened to my music no matter what medium I may be playing it in.  I wish and hope for you, your family, your friends and your loved ones a joyous, gratuitous and Happy Holiday season.  I hope that the love and joy of this season lasts for you and me throughout 2017 and beyond.

Happy Holidays!

With love and thanks,
David Kav 


With two solo albums, one album with KAVUS and 2.25 albums with Classical Blast, David Kav is no stranger to the music world.  He has been playing acoustic guitar and singing for nearly two decades.  David has collaborated with other artists and is featured as a guest musician on other recordings as well to include Dawn Xiana Moon, Ian Narcisi.  David has been featured on WGN Channel 9 Morning News as well as featured on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez on WGN Radio Chicago.  David has opened for many national acts with his last band Classical Blast to include Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Michael McDonald, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Don Felder of the Eagles, Burton Cummings of the Guess Who, The Orchestra (former members of ELO & ELO II.) As a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan (and David would like to point out that he has always been a Cubs fan - EVEN when they were the "butt-end of MANY a joke,")David had the utmost pleasure and privilege to play the National Anthem at Wrigley Field three times with his aforementioned former band.  David's next step is new music to (HOPEFULLY) be released in (early) 2017.  David's musical path may have changed.  However, it is just beginning with the next chapter that will unfold in the coming year.  David is thankful for the friends, family and tribal members that have tirelessly supported him - both quietly and with gusto.
With eternal gratitude and many thanks,
David KavDavid is thankful for the friends, family and tribal members that have tirelessly supported him - both quietly and with gusto.With eternal gratitude and many thanks,David Kav


New single, "Reason," is out now! - September 15, 2016

Hello, again!

As I stated in my last message, my very first single and first release in over 8 years - "Reason" - is coming out soon.  Well, change that...because it's out NOW!  For a limited time, you can hear the song in its entirety BEFORE you buy it.  And it's RIGHT HERE:

Check it out and let me know what you think.  Lo-fi, home recorded, no B.S.  Just straight up, good old-fashioned rock with attitude and a message.  Leave me a comment in my comment section OR...leave one on my FB page:

See you in a little while!  Hopefully over the radio waves on Monday, September 19th!  Again, we'll be featured on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez for her Music Mondays segment between 11pm and 2am.

In Chicago, 720AM.  You can also download the WGN Radio app onto your smartphone and hear us "on the go."  

In addition, you can sign up for her show page on FB:  (

She WILL take LIVE video of our band while we are playing.  This is know...we'll be too busy rocking out to see how we look.  So, we need YOU to tell us.  :) 

The band that I have cooked up for this show is geared up and ready to go.  I would have taken pictures and placed them on my Instagram page (@davidkavmusic) and/or on Facebook.  However, we were busy working hard to make sure that we rock out to our best ability.  This show will be epic.  I guarantee it!

Thanks for your support!  Hope you enjoy the music!

Peace, love, music, laughter, life forever,

David Kav 

David Kav returns to SOLO MUSIC (no...really...he's serious this time!) - September 8, 2016

Hello, you beautiful person, you!

It's good to see you again. It's been way too long (again.) So much to let's get right to it!

You may or may not have heard the news. However, due to life, family and personal circumstances, the time has come for me to leave Chicago (and Illinois.) In short, I am leaving Classical Blast. This is, by no means, done with any malice in my heart or in my soul. CB, as a whole, has had some of the best and most talented musicians that I've ever had the joy, privilege and honor to work with, to create with, to share the stage with, and to know. Classical Blast has definitely helped me to be a better musician, a much more patient person and a better human being all around. I will definitely miss each and every one on that team. My last gig with them (tentatively) will be Saturday, September 24, 2016 (show still TBA.)

And yes - I have been stating that I will officially release some new solo material for years and years now. In fact (after counting and not to include any works with KAVUS or Classical Blast,) it has been over 8 years since I have released ANY albums or solo work...

...until NOW!

My first and newest single, "Reason," is currently being processed! It is set to be released (fingers crossed) on Tuesday, September 13, 2016! It features my good friend and talented drummer, Nik Wielgus! "Reason" will be available for digital download on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming outlets very soon!

To celebrate (and to "kill two birds with one stone," per se,) I am excited to announce that I will be making my return to solo music in as well as making my debut appearance on WGN Radio 720AM! WAHOO! I'll be appearing on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez for her Music Mondays segment on Monday, September 19, 2016! In addition, I'm bringing a full band - to include Thomas Rocha on electric guitar AND Nik Wielgus on drums (FULL kit, thank you!) :p Be sure to spread the word and to tune in! In Chicago, 720AM radio. You can also download the WGN Radio (Chicago) app on your smartphone and listen live. You can also hear us on the web at: Wanna call in that day? Call us at 312-981-7200! Again, I'll be on WGN Radio via Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez from 11pm to 2am on Monday, September 19, 2016. Tell everybody!

So, see? LOTS going on! I'm planning on releasing other singles this year before the end of 2016 as well. As always, if you want to keep updated with my whereabouts, upcoming shows, etc, just sign up for the email list (which I'll get better at updating and sending, btw...) You can also sign up at my musician page on FB: On Twitter: Vine: @davidkav.

Hope to see you at a show (or over the radio waves soon!)

Peace, Love, Music, Laughter Forever!
David Kav

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