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David Kav: Comments

Rafael Milano Di Gesu

May 7, 2011

Hi Dave
It´s Rafael from Brazil again!
I was just litening the "Look in to my Eye ! album, and wondering what´s new there.
I took a look on the web site. It´s great!
Do you know if I order from the store if the goods would be delivered around here??
I had the chance to by two of your cd´s when I met you in USA. The "look in to my eye" and "better you here than alone".
Just wondering if I can get some more.

All the best mate!

Chicago Studio Club

December 11, 2010

Hi Dave! Great meeting you at the Chocolate Showcase. We put some pix of you up on our facebook page and your original tune "Stalemate" is on our youtube channel. Nice site Dave, kudos!

Chris Hernandez

November 2, 2010

hey David, congrats on the website, the music and your voice, you sound awesome. If you dont remember the name I played clarinet with you back in elementary school. anyway i wish all the best, all the good luck in the world. it was cool that i found you on facebook. good luck man!!

Rabbi Doug

March 2, 2010

Seems you like to hang with Rabbis huh? How are you buddy? Whne are your performiong on my show next? aMaybe with THe Friendship Circle?

All the best!

-Rabbi Doug

Kassandra Vaughn

September 11, 2009

It's always great to see someone who lives their passion. Wonderful!

Liz Murphy

July 13, 2009

Thanks for playing at Claire's party. Compliments to you from many of the attenddees and requests for your info. You made the afternoon so enjoyable.


June 24, 2009

Hi David
Do not know if yu remember me, but I met you in a sandwich place when I first went to Chicago. I'm the Brazilian guy that came up asking about your music and got some cd's you were saling at the moment.
Well first, the cd's are great specially the "Look in to my Eyes". Great job there.
I have joined your email list so keep me updated when a new cd is coming over.
You have a fan in Brazil my friend!!
Take care
Regards and keep up the music


April 22, 2009

Hi Kavus!!! I'm Kavus from Italy, the only Kavus in Italy. You can understand then whether to talk to one that has the same my name is not what of every day. I find you on YouTube and... my compliments for your music. If in the future you will want to make a tour in Italy, don't worry I will organize you everything self :) I want your CD! See you.

nick s

April 5, 2009

great site dave. it's been a while and i hope to catch one of your shows in the near future when i'm back on the mainland. drop me a line some time. take brother.

Ian Walsh

March 29, 2009

dave, sounded great last night. let me know next time you're playing in the area.The JDRF fundraiser really meant a lot to me so i'll be at the next jamm'in!


January 9, 2009

Incredible performances during the Open Mic finals! That's why I love playing with you when I can - such a fabulous performer!


January 2, 2009

Kav let's make 2009 a great year!

Matthew laPorte

December 19, 2008

Great album Dave. I wish you the best of luck my man!! If you ever need a cameo let me know! :)- Seriously congrats on everything!!


November 4, 2008

Congratulations! A fan from L.A. wishes you much success! (We met in Evanston around Sept 2006. It would be great to hear from you!)

Kirsten Ansems

November 2, 2008


You rocked the Davila's Halloween Party last night and we all had a really great time! It was a real pleasure having the opportunity to hear you play.

Thanks again!



October 14, 2008

Saw you performing at the train station, and I got to say great music ..

Good luck,

Jenn Rhoads

July 11, 2008

Hi David!
I just met you at Jess Godwin/Matt Ryd's gig at Lily's on Wednesday (I was the really tall girl who sang "Natural Woman" with Jess)
Anyway, I checked out your website and I love your music! I am planning to come to your gig at Uncommon Ground next week so I'll see you there. :)

Joe Chavera

May 29, 2008

Your bud from AT&T. The Bajo Sexto guy.

nik wielgus

May 14, 2008

cool new site very ah..."woody"
remember it's all about "one person!"

Shirley Gonzales

May 8, 2008

Saw you at, The Green Olive, a few weks ago. I look forward to seeing you again in August!


April 21, 2008

I love the new site...nice photos!

Looking forward to seeing you in June...loved the mini-concert at Jens...can't wait to hear your arrangement of big brown, red nosed pit bull.... :)R

Jennifer Gage

April 17, 2008

Hey Babies!
I love you
I am so proud of you!

Michael Crawford

April 17, 2008

I love the site! Great job- still looking forward to seeing and working with you again!