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29-Day Giving Challenge: Round 2-Day 3: Busking Clarinetist

Posted on March 4, 2012 with 0 comments
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This is the second day in a row that I haven't done Morning Pages. This is really not like me at all. I went to bed at 6:30AM. I ended up talking to a DJ in North Carolina about my music, about her on-line radio show. In short, I was networking and it was very unexpected. Considering the fact that she has over 2000 (almost 3K friends,) the fact that she posted my music and links on her wall was quite flattering. However, we peeled ourselves away when we noticed the time. I thought I had gotten enough sleep. My body, on the other hand, had other thoughts on my sleep for the past two days. I barely got up at 1:55pm. Got my cereal, vitamin, yogurt and coffee (2 cups,) got dressed, 7-Eleven run, rolled out the door and into work.
Another busy day at the hotel. The major milestone: Today was Selena's last day. She had put in her two-week notice yesterday. However, she had told the hotel that she can only work 2nd shift slots. Since she was between Night Audit and 2nd shift slots, that didn't fly with management. Therefore, they decided that today would be her last day. It wasn't unpleasant. The only unpleasantries were the non-stop bag fetching, phone calls and directions given to people with very little breathing room. As I stated in the last blog, this is only preparation for the upcoming Spring/Peak season. With that being stated, nothing new.
There was, at one point, a thought as to give a gift (yes, monetarily) to the American Red Cross. However, by the time I remembered, it was 2 minutes to 11pm - the end of my shift. So, I took that as a sign to not give so.
"Well, I'll remember before the night is out that I haven't given my gift for the 29-Day Movement as of yet," I told myself. "Therefore, no harm, no foul as of yet. I should be good to go."
As quick and as uneventful (sans the constant movement of the usual hotel duties and guest service details) as today was, the gift that I was going to give today seemed to fall right into my lap. As I descended the stairs, I heard loud music coming from the Subway below. Now, it's not uncommon for someone to be busking on a Saturday night. It is, however, uncommon for that busker to be a clarinetist. Not only is it uncommon for a clarinet player to be playing for money. It is even more uncommon for a DAMN GOOD clarinetist to be busking. Seriously, guys: This cat was on! It didn't grab me at first since I've seen violinists, scores of guitarists, trumpeters, saxophonists and the like before. But, most of them were mediocre and playing the same tired notes and songs at best. I don't know. I heard the gentleman finish up his first song (he was playing along with an iPod on an amp.) I was playing my game on my iPhone (catching up on Tiny Tower - another guilty pleasure of mine) while hearing the last song. I already knew, deep within my subconscious, that I would give to this busker. However, it wasn't until his next selection that I was convinced that THIS would be today's gift.
With no music to back him up, he started the next song by himself. The music came in after 8 bars of silence behind him. It took me 15 to 20 seconds until I told myself, "nice. Ok!" I recognized the old R&B tune that the clarinet complemented quite nicely and NOT without soul. I have never heard a rendition of "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" like I did tonight. I did take a picture of the clarinet player. Forgetting that I could possibly attach video to this blog, I do regret that I didn't do so. Next time for the next gift, no? :) It was this tune that raised my contribution from $1 to $5. He easily earned it. I was happy to give this gift tonight.

I come home. Beth Ann shows me a property that her father and her are most likely going to make an offer on tomorrow. Since I don't feel like I have too much say in the matter, I will say this: IF we do get the aforementioned condominium, I told Beth Ann,
"IF we get this property, I will feel like I will lose the rights to bitch and moan about 'my life.' Look at it - HUGE living space, well lit by sunlight, great open kitchen, shared balcony, pool in building.... My God..." I shook my head. Yep - yet another 'high-class problem.' We shall see...
I brew a pot of decaffeinated coffee (small pots. With it being only Beth Ann and myself, we only have a 4-cup coffee pot. No need to get TOO materialistic now.) ;) We watch 3 episodes from Season 4 of "The Big Bang Theory." Afterwards, I put Beth Ann to bed. I tell her that I should be in the bedroom shortly to fall asleep. I really hope so since I do have a gig with Classical Blast tomorrow at Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana from 1pm to 5pm. My ride should be here at 10:30AM. It is now 2:51AM as I write this. I REALLY hope to get up tomorrow with enough time to write Morning Pages, shower, breakfast and be ready by the time my ride gets here.
And see? My blogs ARE getting shorter! A gift for BOTH of us, I'm sure. :) Make it a fantastic Sunday (or whenever you read this.) :)