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29-Day Giving Challenge: Round 2 - Day 2: Free Dinner, waiting to take dinner break

Posted on March 3, 2012 with 0 comments
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No Morning Pages today. It MUST be a Friday thing. That and/or my horrible sleeping habit (which I like - how's that for insanity) that had me going to bed at 5:45AM and having me wake up at 11:20AM made me really want to grab all of the minutes of sleep that I can grab. I'll go with a bit of both in this case. :) Woke up, grabbed breakfast, vitamin, got dressed, grabbed my acoustic guitar and my bookbag (with the changes of socks inside,) grabbed a cab and raced over to Potbelly for my 12 to 2pm shift. I got to my post and started playing around 12:07pm. I stopped a little before 2pm to make sure that I had time to grab a veggie sandwich (really wanted to stick to the "no meat" routine today,) chips. I swallowed lunch, packed up my stuff and walked over to my second job today.
I must tell you: March is upon us. We had 36 arrivals upon getting to work this afternoon. This is a sure-tell sign that the peak season is just about to hit our hotel. On one hand, we are going to get steady business again AND more chances for more tips when it comes to handling guests' bags. On the other hand, VERY little breathing room. With constant and inconsistent guest arrivals, something is ALWAYS bound to happen. It could be good. It could be bad. Nonetheless, Rachel and I were busy this evening.
Along with the arrivals, I gathered up my slew of Requests Off for PM/2nd shifts for this month. Amy hated that I had "a Bible" of Request Off forms.
"It's going to get worse. They're coming at me in droves," I told her. "I mentioned this back in December. I'm sorry. If we have to, we'll revisit and rethink my employment options. BUT - I can't pass these gigs." (I have, at the very least, 5 already this month - NOT including the potential KAVUS gig at Hard Rock Hotel on March 20th.) Yep. Spring is upon us.
In thinking about today's gift, Rachel asked me a couple of times,

"So, what time did you want to get dinner?"
"I was thinking 8pm - if that's ok," I answered. "What were you going to do for dinner tonight?"
"I don't know yet," she said.
About 10 minutes go by when she says, "I don't really want to walk too far tonight. It's a bit cold out there. I might just go to Walgreens to pick up my dinner."
"What would you get from Walgreens?"
"A cheese stick."
"A Cheese Stick?!?" I asked - taken aback, "for dinner?"
Rachel had a mischievous and shy smile with this one. Rachel is NOT one to be shy. So, I must've REALLY had gusto in my voice with the above question.
"A Cheese Stick? Why don't I just buy you dinner?"
Rachel laughs, "that's really nice."
"I'm ordering something from Emerald Loop. Do you want me to order you something?"
"Are you sure?"
"I'd rather you have something more substantial....than a cheese stick!"
"Ok. A burger?"
"What kind? Hickory?"
"YEAH. That sounds really good. Thanks."
"No worries."
I order my food: Fish & Chips for me, Hickory Burger for Rachel. They told me it would take 20 minutes to make our order. I race over there and head to the bar (which was quite busy for a cold Friday night in early March in Chicago. Again, foreshadowing...)
I come back with our food. I tell Rachel,
"Go ahead. Take your break first."
"Are you sure? You said you wanted to eat at 8pm?"
"Yeah. I'm fine. I've got my food secured. I'll eat it later. I'll microwave it if I have to. Don't worry."
"Ok. Thanks."
Rachel takes her break. I found out when she gets back that our houseman, Juan, started to take his break at the end of Rachel's. I decide, last minute, to wait until his break is done. With 3 of us on duty, I felt that 2 should be active while one was on break. No matter. By the time I took my break, it was 9:30pm. Late? Yes. A little too late? Maybe. BUT - one hour to go after I got back. It's all about perspective, right?
Ok. So, maybe this blog isn't that short. BUT - progress for me. Also, I didn't feel the need to pontificate on needless matters. The details are simple - bought dinner, extended kind hand to have break after my employee. Again, it's the little and simple things. In this Round of the 29-Day gift challenge, I am going to try to focus on the simpler things and to see the beauty in said treasures. I will state that, upon returning home, Beth Ann and I did go do some late-night grocery shopping (it was amazing and shocking to see as to how many people were in the self-checkout line at midnight. Seems late Friday night grocery shopping is ... the In....thing?!?) (shrug)
When we returned home, Beth Ann mentioned the idea of a 29-Day giving challenge that was "non-monetary."
"No way," I told her.
"No, no. It's not for you..."
"I'm glad," I stated. "I'd stress myself out even more because of my perfectionism. Besides, I feel bad that I couldn't take on said challenge since I Like to be up for every challenge."
"David, you don't HAVE to take the challenge."
Beth Ann is right. I don't have to take the challenge. So, for right now, I'll keep it simple. :)